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Winch remote outlet

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I just installed my winch and have run a switch mounted to the dash. I have been debating whether or not to mount the outlet for the remote somewhere.

I mean, do I really need it?

My Rzr had only the plug and it was mounted to the dash, and I always wished I just had a switch. How many of you have it and use it? How many of you don't want it?

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i have one...dont use it however. At this point its useless, but when i need it, it'll be priceless. lol Prolly when im winching and spotting, and the wife it driving! That'll be when i need it! haha.
I have the dash mounted switch also and i coiled up the plug and wires and left them under the hood.
All I have is the corded remote. No dash switch. I mounted the plug below the speedo against the firewall facing down. You don't even know it's there when the cord isn't plugged in. When I'm plowing I can have the remote in either hand and I don't have to keep reaching for it. Not saying it's better than anyone else, just the way I have mine.
I mounted the dash switch and didn't mount the remote switch, thinking I wouldn't need it. However, just to reel in your cable/rope, I've discovered with the new doors and windshield, I have to have someone help me and if I had the remote I could do it myself. Sooo, I guess I will be installing it soon.
Get the wireless remote from Polaris. It is a little pricey, but it is awesome. I put it on a lanyard so I can carry it with me. You can winch from inside or outside the vehicle, or all the way to the end of the cable. Have you ever pulled a cable to hook to a tree, got all the way there, and needed three more feet? With the wireless remote, you don't have to walk all the way back to to the ranger roll off three more feet. It's awesome!
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It also comes with a dash mount holder, so it will double as a dash switch!
no remote for me I have a switch mounted in the cubby on the driver side
On my current machine i have a dash switch and the remote plug is mounted on the drivers side, outside the door area. On this machine I have a KFI multi mount. On my old machine the winch was in the front and I had it mounted in the grill. I use mine when I'm working alone to keep from getting in and out of the machine all the time and it helps when you reel back up with no load on.
I've got both wired in on mine. I haven't done a lot of winching but like the guys have said re-spooling solo is a lot easier when you have the control lanyard. If I'm winching a log or tree, I'm sitting w/ my foot on the brake.
I have the plug and always use it that way when plowing. I am buying a switch though for those times where I just need to quickly winch in.
I ordered my winch with the handle bar switch and mounted it to the shifter...the remote socket is mounted on the left side of the steering column so it is accessible while standing outside the machine.

I bought the wireless so that if things get real, I can be out of the line of fire.

I took my winch switch out of the holder it came in (Viper Winch) and used Velcro and put just the switch up under the steering wheel on the dash, hadn't come off yet and is where my knee won't bump it. I did drill a hole in the panel under the front seat in the center and put my remote plug there, out of site and don't plan to use it much. Under the hood where I plugged my 12v power wire to operate the switch, I put another switch to turn the system off and on, this is so the grandkids can't work the winch dash switches when playing on the Ranger. Looks like everyone has good ideas where to mount their switches, it's what works for you.

I didn't want to cut any holes in the dash so I use a wireless control and have the hand control mounted under the hood for backup . Vehicle Electronics Car Technology Electrical wiring
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I didn't want to cut any holes in the dash so I use a wireless control and have the hand control mounted under the hood for backup . View attachment 8994
I like that idea!
FWIW, here's how I did mine. I like (actually prefer) using the plug in remote, as it makes it easy to unhook and re-hook to the ranger (I have a similar set up on my Brute Force). My machines are used mostly for chores and trail work, and the mounted switches rarely get used on them. The corded remote also works great for running the plow (on the ranger). I just hold it in my right hand while shifting (until I buy the shift handle with the buttons). I do use the in cab switch when I'm pulling myself out of trouble, but that's pretty rare, as I hate washing the mud out of it! LOL!

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Here's where I've mounted the switch & remote plug:


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didn't see a need for both a switch and remote, so I installed the remote plug, I figured the few times I actually use the winch I'd need to be out of the drivers seat watching and looking at whatever i was pulling. its worked well for me so far, i just keep the remote control in the glove box
I have a corded remote (OEM Polaris). Most use I have found is with trailer loading. I have a center forward flush mounted clevis in the trailer floor that I hook the winch on to. I can then winch into the clevis and tie down without getting back in the vehicle.
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