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WTB Ranger Crew Full Size 2010-2014

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Looking to buy a ranger crew full size 800-900, don't care about color or model really, price and whether it's worth the money will be biggest factor. Looking for something around 2010+ model year and under $10,000.

Please don't contact me if your trying to sell your ranger at retail price with retail added on for your accessories. Keep in mind a new base ranger is only $11,999 right now and a LE is only $13,499.

Just trying to save a few thousand over buying new and figured I might be able to help someone out as I am just using it for work.

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Got a 2012 800 in camo for $9100. Excellent condition 1500+ miles, less than 40 hours on new tires. Fold down windshield and soft top and back.
i just re-read your post, mine is not a crew.
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