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WTB Truck Camper

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I wanted to check if anybody on here knows of anyone with a slide in truck camper for sale near St.louis. I currently own a fifth wheel and I am keeping it I just want to purchase a truck camper for the ease of overnight stays with my wife and 2 boys when we are racing 2 day shows. I can't go over 8' due to the race trailer being so heavy I do not want to extend my hitch at all. I also want a bathroom with a small shower. There is one in St. Louis that looks good but the guy won't budge off his 5850 price, I just really want to stay at 4000 or under preferably. I just don't want to invest more than that in it for how little we will need it and the fact of the tons of money I am out each year for my boys to race. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
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That's all I use anymore when traveling with my Polaris or bikes, the 5er just sits these days. Used TC are tuff to find on the east side of the country, come out west there are plenty. Good luck on your search. Try CL and just take your time, you might have to drive aways. Go to and ask there, great RV site. Vehicle Transport Asphalt Mode of transport Car
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Thanks Craig, I will give that a try.
That's a good looking rig!
Thanks triple c, I know I'm glad I have a deisel....
I love my diesel too!
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